Monday, March 15, 2010

Lack of Breast Milk, Formula Feed

Breast milk production has nothing to do with your dietary habits. It just depends manily on one factor that how much your feed. (just like as much you exercise, your muscles will built accordingly). Its very imp to establish proper attachment and breast feeding esp in the initial part of it, when baby is just 1-2 days old. But in most of centers we never give importence to that, cos it needs continous support from hospital staff and home too. Believe me in all our books, nowhere it is written that there is some defect in breast milk production, its always our fault for not able to establish it. IF GOD HAS GIVEN YOU BABY, HE IS KIND ENOUGH TO GIVE MILK TOO, but we are not able to establish it. Because of that only you are landing to a situation where you have to breast pump and then feed, which is never considered a good habits, and obviously, one day breast milk was going to stop, because of insufficient suckling at breast.
I still feel, you must discuss with your doctor there, may be they can help in re-establishing breast feed again, though its diffiucult for a 3-4 month old child.

what you do if you dont have an option of breast feeding UNFORTUNATELY :

It has been seen that some children tolerate animal milk well, and some children dont tolerate that well, for no clear known reasons.
But its safer to give formula milk (power milk), because of simple reason that' its more like human milk compared to animal milk, (cows or buffalo's), doesn matter much.
so being on safer side, give formula milk (eg. NAN 1), atleast for first one year.
But if your child tolerate animal milk or any milk, just give it undiluted, if tolerate, its fine. Goat's milk is never advisable it is deficient in folic acid.

Dal ka pani and other weaning food's advisable only after 6 months.

You know that no replacement of BREAST MILK.
give it as much you can, still try, and rest options i have mentioned.


How we prepare powder milk ?
Its is basically an animal milk only, which is dried and changed into powder form after adding or romoving some elements from it with an aim to bring it to a composition nearing human breast milk.

so, what to choose ?
studies has shown that a full term baby can digest any type of milk, whether it is cows or buffalo's, so no harm in giving that (but this is not coparable to breast milk, which is having exactly the same composition which your baby requires).

so this discussion brings two imp points :
1. you baby can digest any type of milk, so no need to dilute it if its a full term baby.
2. If growth parameters are fine, continue same milk which you are giving, and concentrate on improving his diet with other weaning food, esp after 6 months of age.

so, constipation need not be because of this milk, this may be because of some other reason, so dont dilute it, give it if his weight gain is adequate.

Dr. Sanjay Verma @ Indian Parenting.

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