Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hiring A Nanny

1. Ask them about their past experience and ask for a reference, so that you can call them and find out aboutt the Nanny.
2. I would suggest to hire a Nanny, who is referenced by a friend/relative etc
3. Try to find out if she knows about any play groups, so that she can take ur kid for an hr or so during the day time. Of course taking the baby out depends on the age of your baby and weather etc.
4. Try to hire someone who is a registered Nanny with the state. I heard we can even do a background check on the Nanny. Every State has some service which provides info regarding this. Try to Google about this.
5. After you hire a Nanny, try to work from home for couple of days and see how she is handling the baby.
6. If you ask me, Nannies who are over 30/40 years are more patient than the younger ones, as most of them have kids of their own and they know how to handle the kids. This is what I observed at my daughter's daycare.
7. has many forums on this topic. Try to go over them, u will get a much better idea.

Happy Hunting. I know how imp it is to decide and finalize on a child care.

Courtesy: Pushpa Ram.

don't want to be a bearer of negative energy regarding Nannies, But I would personally believe in sending the baby to a day care than have Nanny at home.

Two reasons:
1) Your baby is under the care of one person and is under the mercy of her mood. If you have more than one, if the baby cries, the care givers can switch and not get frustrated. There are times when we being moms can get frustrated with babies and they are after all care givers.

2) You are leaving behind your baby and your home. So anything can happen at any time with both your baby and home. You don't want to open doors for someone who is you or your family.

Nanny works best when you can work from home and she takes care of the baby. Most of the nannies also cook for you. So you could use them for your advantage.

Courtesy: Lavanya.

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