Monday, March 15, 2010

Fear in Children

All children have fears at some point in their life and it is usually considered to be a normal part of development. These fears are only abnormal if they are persistent or keep the child overly preoccupied with the subject that is feared, so that it interferes with normal activities, if the child cannot be reassured or distracted away from the fear (becoming a phobia), or if it is an irrational fear.
Toddlers normally have simple fears of separation, noises, falling, animals and insects, using the potty, bathing and bedtime. In children of all ages, fears may also increase during times of stress or after some triggering event.
Some children are more fearful of things, even common things, than others and this is usually a function of his type of temperament. Also, children who have parents that are very anxious or fearful, or who tend to overreact to things, often have children who have the same reactions in similar situations.
Some tips on dealing with your child's fears include:
• Respect your child's feelings and fears. It is not helpful to try and ignore the things that he is afraid of.
• Ask him why he is afraid and then talk about it. This can be especially helpful if there was a triggering event.
• Don't be overprotective and let him avoid all of the things that he is afraid of, but you also don't want to try and force your child into doing something he is afraid to do.
• Don't overreact, so that your extra attention reinforces your child's reactions.
• Give your child support as he learns to master his fears. Try to explain reality with your examples.
• Remind him of other things or times in the past that he was afraid of, and for which he is no longer has fears.
• Again, reassure and comfort your child as you help him to face his fears.
In your case, to be that looks normal to me. Just follow these instructions, probably she will be better. Anytime if you feel, things are getting over, no harm in involving a good child psychologist. That will surely help.

Dr. Sanjay Verma @ Indian Parenting

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