Monday, March 15, 2010

From Sree's Kitchen -- midmeal snacks


Cooked/steamed apple is easy on baby's tummy but once the baby is nearing 12 months we can go easy on cooking it and give it directly.. any fruit ingested directly is the best form is what i personally feel.

I keep giving it in various forms so that she doesnt get bored.. after months of eating it regularly she kind of got bored and when I tried this she is happy and me too 'cos An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

***Peel the apple, shred in very finely and give it with a spoon.
alternatively we can add a drop of honey or a teaspoonful of date syrup to give it a different taste.

***Peel the apple, shred it.. cook it in half cup of milk, add a little sugar or sugar chips and a little cardamom for that flavor.

***Cut the apple into thin slices and hand it to the baby, if the baby is young and there is a choking hazard, nibbler is the best option.

Soups -- Store Bought.

Maggi and Knorr now offer no added MSG soups which are tasty...
I prepare soups at home but the instant soups are good once in a while too.

I use one packet for 4 times...
a scoop of powder, a cup of water and half cup of milk... cook it to your desired consistency and can add corriander if you like.. yummy for tummy and easy to make.

Cereals -- Store Bought

***Fruit loops can be given directly or soaked in milk..
***Corn flakes soaked in milk/formula topped with date syrup or just like that.
***Oat cereals soaked in milk.

The cereals are the ones we use for our breakfast, apart from the Indian breakfast, it is good.

Curd Raita
A little curd without the top layer, a pinch of salt, grated keera, grated and cooked carrot/beetroot.

Curd and Banana
Mash the banana with a little curd, add a little sugar.

Cheese Sticks
A friend of mine got them from US and they are a great snack too, yet to find them in India though, do let me know if you happen to find.

French Fries
Fresh not frozen potato fries fried and oil taken out with tissue, good finger foods.

Bread Toast
Toast the bread with a little ghee, cut them into tiny squares, diamonds, hearts and give them to the kid. After introducing egg we can dip the bread pieces in the beaten egg mix and give them like French toast by adding a little sugar and milk or bread omlette by adding a pinch of salt and corriander.

The shredding/grating can be done with any fruit after the kid can tolerate the mashed fruit texture well without problems.. see how kid likes it and go about experimenting and do let me know a few of them too :).

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