Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Feeding Starter Kit -- Spoons

When we start feeding the obvious questions would be on what type of food, how much, etc. but also the vital questions would include bowls, spoons, forks, bibs, highchairs and all the feeding starter kit in my terminology.

Like I said earlier, I personally prefer using silver stuff for the kid, but as the kid grows up and starts throwing tantrums or get into a playful mode or when you are into self-eat teaching mode you cannot trust the silver spoon, 'cos the kid might injure self in the process. As long as the kid is calm and quiet, silver/gold spoon is good but once there is resistance, you will always have that nagging fear whatif that tight mouth grip on the spoon injures the baby flesh in the mouth.. :((...

The solution is the soft-tip spoons, ensure the it is made of nontoxic plastic and color dyes and you are good to go, there are some models which turn white when in contact with hot food, good you not even touch to see if the food is hot and the quantity that it holds is also tiny and you will surely not overstuff the kid with each morsel. I personally picked up 2 models to try out. The traditional spoon and the flat round spoon, the first one for starters and the second one for self-feed trials.

I still go for silver spoon when the kid is non-fussy eating mood and this one when I know there is going to be a fight :(. So, when the kid eats these days it is mom feeding with one and the kid trying out with her own.. phew, the feeding woes.. why do I have a feeling that it is just the beginning and in front there is crocodile festival???? Thank God for the bibs otherwise I would be hunting down for a new dress after every feed or just feed the kid naked.. phew!!!!

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