Thursday, August 12, 2010

Travel Tips..

For frequent travelers who make 2 to 3 day trips with the kid...

Compact First Aid Kit
1) Band-aid , small cotton ball , earbuds.
2) Small Savlon/Dettol bottle.
3) Over the counter medicines for fever, cold, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, electrolyte drinks, ORS sachets just in case of an upset tummy.
4) Small Vaseline/skin ointment bottle/tube.. something soothing in case of emergencies.

Routine Medical Kit we have ready at home for the kid.

Compact Cosmetic box
1) Soap, preferably liquid soap.
2) Shampoo.
3) Hair oil.
4) Talcum powder, moisturizer/skin lotion.
5) Clean combs.
4) Tooth paste/brush kit.


Food containers and dispensers along with tinned/canned food we need to give the baby, add a couple more to each as an emergency measure.
If all the three are in place, you can just throw them all together and get ready for the go..

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