Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Aid Box and Emergency Meds -- India

Back in India, we get medicines in the medical hall as and when we want to just by showing the prescription or even over-the-counter.. no specific restrictions.

The number of drops to be given and the brand name given varies from doctor to doctor. The number of drops to be administered is critical and varies from kid to kid based on the kid's weight, so just make sure you get yourself updated with the doctor as to how much of what drug should be administered.


So, I would list out the contents of Sreya's medicine kit..
  1. Cotton.
  2. Vicks VapoRub (when the kid is a little older say 3 months or so)
  3. Vaseline (in case of constipation/touch the tip of an earbud with vaseline and insert in the bottom when the baby is struggling to pass the stool). DO NOT OVERDO THIS.
  4. Fever/pain drops.
  5. Saline nasal drops for cold.
  6. Drops for Cough -- if the cough persists, we need to see the doctor immediately to be treated with antibiotics, so better be very cautious not to expose them to cough and cold.
  7. Drops for Vomiting -- slight spitting is normal, spit while burping is normal.. if they vomit more than 10% of what is fed to them continuously, then we need to inform the doctor.
  8. Drops for diarrhea -- it is normal to pass stool after each feed especially when breast-feeding and so do not worry about the number of times unless it is really really watery and way too many times.
  9. Oral rehydration salts in case of excess vomiting/diarrhea.
  10. Drops for Tummy ache/colic -- if the baby folds her legs, stiffens the body in pain, or winces in pain when the tummy is touched it is stomach pain.
  11. Drops for earache.
  12. Drops for eyes -- when the eyes are tearing and crusting, clean the eyes with cotton balls dipped in clean drinking water very gently and mildly.
  13. Syrup for constipation/tight stool -- It is normal for kids not to poop for more than a day, so no worries if it doesnt happen every single day and the baby has no crankiness or hard tummy.. in fact, my doc says it is okay up to 3 days to go without stool and only then it is a problem. So, if it goes beyond that or if the baby is really straining hard and unable to bring out the stool, then go for these drops.
  14. Fudic cream -- When Sreya had some skin tear at the ear because of her ear rings, the doctor suggested this. She asked to avoid powder like Nebasulf because it tends to form a layer and tighten on the skin and tough to get it out and that creams are a better option for infant.. external application only.
  15. Earbuds -- only for external clearing of the ear.. never inside the canal.
I also have Zinda Tilismat which is a Unani medicine to apply on her chest and back and the nose if she has cold which works wonders.. I personally take it internally as well but for Sreya, strictly topical application.

Some doctors also give vitamin drops..
My doc gave me Zincovit and Sunzyme, the digestive enzyme drops.
Iron drops can be done away with because the kids can have severe constipation issues with them unless absolutely necessary and doctor says it is a must.

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