Monday, November 2, 2009

Diaper Days

The type of cloth diapers that I prefer, the ones with Velcro rather than the one with tie-on threads.. the first variety is complete cloth.. and the second is the type with polythene lining where we insert a cloth sheet in the loop and keep changing just the sheet..

It has been my conscious decision to use cloth diapers rather than the store-bought ones which are easy to manage but costly for the purse. Seriously, what made me go for the diapers, the price, the green parenting, what??? I must say both but to be honest, initially it was 50-50 but as time passed it came on to 75-25. For me, it was/is/will be like money going down the drain.. err.. piss and poop.

If we stay abroad where it is very cold, no place to dry the diapers, no place to store the stinking ones before cleaning, or no help to do the cleaning stuff and all, there is NO CHOICE. We have to go with the diapers but here, the place where I live, the village has ample of help in that aspect. The washerwoman, yeah we still have the concept in our village and her family has been doing it for us from generations and this is the last generation into the washing occupation, does all the washing, drying, and folding stuff which relieves me of a huge load. How can even begin to thank her and would remain deeply indebted for all that she does. Yes, I pay her but no I cant actually pay her enough for all that she does.

Up to the age of 6 months, I must say I have used just about 6 diapers that too for the doctor visit and nothing else.. it is always the cloth diapers, home-stitched langotis, store-bought langotis, and now chaddis or the knickers.

First 3 to 4 months was a cakewalk with help, frequency was more but the smell wasnt there but as and when she was introduced to solids, the stink factor came in.

I just have separate buckets for each type of cloth.. the toilet clothes, the potty clothes, the bibs and cloths to clean her mouth and body, the chaddis and finally the dresses she had to change during the day. I throw them all in their designated locations. Early in the morning, I soak them all in their own buckets with detergent and around 9 to 10 a.m., the lady washes them dries them under hot sun and in the evening she comes, folds them and arranges them in the racks separately. THANK YOU MA'M.

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