Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mosquito Protection For Infants

For Indian kids especially kids growing up in villages, mosquitoes are a part and parcel of life. Especially in the times of harvesting and all, all the mosquitoes in the farms and fields land up in our houses come evening, actually the menace would be there whole day around.. so we just need to close all the doors and windows or at least the mesh doors/windows to curb their entry into the house. I personally use sambarni poga in the house in the evening. In spite of taking a lot of care, some clever ones manage to settle inside, so for those these days we have mosquito bats, I use All-Out liquid, take out all the lights in the house, put on all the fans, put saambrani poga and after 5 minutes open all the doors, switch on the lights outside in the varendah and in the yard... believe me, all the mosquitoes will vanish within 15 minutes.. then close the doors and enjoy a mosquito free night.

Phew.. there are certain creams like odomos and all available in the Indian market but my doctor and I personally am against it cos the tends to put hands legs and whatever they can into their mouths, so there is a lot bigger problem than mosquitoes.. the toxic ointment ingestion :(. The best advise is put them in full sleeves, long pants, socks, monkey caps if it is winter and put them in mosquito nets... doma teralu in telugu...

I personally avoid Jet coils as well because I kind of choke on the fumes from the coil, so don't want the kid to be exposed either..

However, for kids from US who have never been exposed to a mosquitoes ever, first visit to India during this mosquito season might be a problem... so here go suggestions from a few moms..

The mosquito repellent 's name is "NATRAPEL". It can be found in TOYSRUS or BABIESRUS. In all the other stores it can be found only in summer.

Any other insect repellent can also be used like "OFF" and "CUTTER". But dont spray it on the baby's or the kid's body directly, instead spray it on the baby's clothes and so it everytime you change the clothes.

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