Sunday, November 8, 2009

Indian Store-Bought Diaper Review

We need to buy only a small pack of each brand to check out the fit, fabric, and elastic of that particular brand to the infant.

The diapers are available depending on the weight of the baby, so check it out and buy what is needed. Usually the weight and frame of the body are both proportionate so they would usually fit. We need to ensure that they are not too tight or not too loose. Tight is not good for skin, loose means leaks which defies the purpose of diapers in the first place.

After snapping the diaper on, put a finger near the leg folds and feel if the baby is uncomfortable and if it is snugly fit.

Each brand also has types of diapers again.. like Huggies Care, Huggies Dry, Huggies Ultra, etc.. depending on the number of wettings each diaper would support, like 4 wettings, 6 wettings, 8 wettings, with rough calculation of around 40 mL for each wetting. The price also varies with the wetting-support capacity.

I personally prefer 4 wetting and frequent changing of diapers because with each wetting a gel would form and the weight of it increases, the diaper bulges with each wetting, and it is not good that the kid remains in it for so long.. rather than going for costly long-lasting diaper, i would go for cheaper less wetting diapers and change frequently.

The brands I have tried so far are Huggies, Pampers, and Wipro Baby Soft both Indian made and from Dubai.

Huggies and Pampers is a good fit for my baby who is of tiny frame.. she is a long and lean baby.

Wipro baby soft is a real cloth-feel diaper of the three above but I am not satisfied with the fit, so that leaves me with pampers and Huggies.. I am not comfortable with pampers elastic lining which kind of presses on the baby's skin, so I am making do with Huggies. With growing sizes, I vary my diaper choices too.. So, check out and see what is good for your baby's skin and comfort and of course yours too.

Good luck!!

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