Saturday, August 14, 2010

Grandmother's Tips

The baby has a fever, the next dose of fever drops is not until 2/3 hours away and I feel helpless seeing the baby burning hot...

Cut an onion in two halves, placing each half into one of the baby's socks with the cut side of the onion against the baby's soles in the socks.  Keep the socks for a few hours or until the fever breaks.

Fluid in the ear and pain

Heat one cup of rock salt in microwave for 2 minutes, then pour it into a thick athletic sock and tie it at its end.  Test to make sure it is not hot enough to make the skin burn.  Allow the child to lay her head with the painful ear down on the warm sock.

Irritable and itchy baby with dry and scaly skin (eczema)
Applying Shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, flaxseed oil... even though the baby gets slippery and surroundings get messy this seems to work for good.

Tugging on the ears has ear infection.
Put a drop of warm garlic oil in the sore ear.

Baby's Teeth are coming and pain keeps him awake.
Rub a small amount of clove olive on the gum where the tooth is erupting.

Courtesy:  Durga, an excerpt from a magazine.

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