Saturday, August 7, 2010

Swine Flu Vaccination

Swine flu is a type of flu virus, a new virus which presented with a pandemic recently.

It a mutant type of flu virus. Usually in west people take vaccine every year against flu before season starts.  No such practice was there in India.

Now separate vaccine has been introduced only against swine flu, approved by US FDA, so that people can take it to prevent if any such pandemic emerge again. But nobody can promise that the new virus which comes next year will be the same or different, as this virus is known to cause mutations.

In short, nobody is sure, whether this vaccine will protect against flu attacks in coming year or not (if this virus changes, will need new vaccine).

So, no harm in taking this vaccine, if you wanna take it, as no serious side effects have been reported except mild fever or pain. But not must to be taken by everyone.

But it’s advisable to be taken by health professional’s atleast, as they are always at high risk.

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