Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Instant Food Recipes For Kids

1. Oats...

Just boil in water and finally add a little salt and butter and feed. (Not started giving milk to him. Others can add milk. Also sugar can be added instead of salt. My son doesnt like sugar) ---- Can be given from the age of 10 months

2. Banana boiled and mashed....

Cook banana in the idly vessel (like water in the vessel and in the top plate keep the banana and cover with the lid), with little scrapped jaggery for 5-10 mins. Then just mash and give this. This will help to add weight also. You can also crush and mix paapad if your baby likes that. ---- Can be given from the age of 8 or 9 months. But in my place some people used to give even from 5th month

3. Rice flour / Ragi flour / Wheat flour mix.....

Mix either one of the above said flour with water and boil for 5 mins (or until u feel it is cooked fully). Add salt or sugar as per your baby's taste along with butter / ghee / milk ------ Can be given from any time after 3 months. I started from 4th month. But mother's who have less breast milk level can start giving early.

4. Egg

In a pan, put little oil and add little onion and little frozen peas (it will get cooked in 1 min) and then add a egg, and little salt and pepper. Make a scramble.....done....tasty and healthy ------ Safe after 1 year

5.  1 cup whole wheet flour
2 tbs desi ghee
dryfruits mix(nuts)

dry roast dryfruits a little then grind them and do not roast kishmish(optional) if u want to mix.keep it aside.Then roast flour in dry kadhai on slow or medium flame for some time till it slightly changes colour and u get a nice aroma.Then add ghee to it(if home made well n gud).And keep frying.Add the dryfruit mix to it and fry till it starts giving nice smell and changes colour.Butit shd not burn.then take it off the fire and let cool down.then pack in containers.Whenever have to give add sugar little lukewarm milk and sattu and it's ready.

But if u r in india then u can add raggi, bajra,jau,roasted chana,roasted rice(no rice puffs or flakes)all roasted with a little mungphalli roasted and ground.And most importantly dryfruits whichu add should be in small quantity or else it causes loose motion.

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