Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Diabetes In Children

Symptoms to watch out for diabetes in children.

1.Polyurea (throughout day and night ) - Child is going for urination again and again.
2. Increase thirst of child.
3. Weight loss (This is the most important symptom. Sometimes only complaint of parent is that child is not gaining weight inspite of ruling out all other common conditions.
4. Frequent infections.
5.Pain Abdomen This is more specific as there are two types of dibetes Type 1 and Type II .Type II belongs to adult diabetes and Type 1 Belongs to children onset diabetes Ketone are usually formed as there is deficiency of insulin in Type 1.Ketone formation leads to acidosis (ph of blood become more acidic) Child usually complaint of pain abdomen due to ketones.Sometimes pain in abdomen is so severe that child has to be admitted for the same. So history of recurrent pain abdomen with one or two admission in hospital is the indicator childhood diabetes.
5. Growth pattern of diabetes affected.


  1. Hi

    I am giving nestum rice to my baby (6 months old). i would like to know how many scoops of cereal they take in general in 7th month.

    expecting quick answer...

  2. Check out on the carton, it would be in detail.