Monday, April 19, 2010

Pneumococcal Vaccine

Pneumococcal vaccine is basically for prevention of pneumonia in children below 5 years primarily.
Pneumonia in children is caused by many infections including viral and bacterial. One third of pneumonia is caused by pneumococcus in children. Out of many strains of pneumococcus, this vaccine prevents half of those caused by pneumococcus.
So, in simple words, this vaccine will be able to prevent one sixth (1/6th) cause for pneumonia, even after vaccination, 5/6th causes still remains uncovered for which no vaccine is available.
So, In India, here comes cost factor, single dose will cost around 3000/- Rs, you need 4 doses for primary vaccination, so, we have to see, is that much cost is worth spending.
Because of less cost effectiveness, we don’t usually advise it for everyone here in India, but if someone can afford that, no harm.
Since you are living in a developed country, so cost will not be a problem for you. So, u can take that for your children, as advised by your doctor.

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