Monday, April 19, 2010

Chewing Food

Sometimes it’s really difficult make children understand the importance of chewing foods rightly, that to such a small child.

Still try some simple tips, may be that may help:
1. Explain to your child the importance of chewing their food. Let them understand, if they will not chew food enough, they are likely to produce more sounds from rear, may be an embarrassment will make him chew more.
2. Make a game of it for younger children. Have the kids chew their food 15-20 times before swallowing and taking another bite. If he follows that for a meal, his incentives are valid. May be incentives help him to learn the habit.
3. Make sure you all eat one meal together. While eating, bring up the subject of chewing and let your kids see you slowly eating the food before swallowing.
I am sure; gradually they will start eating food better. Here incentives work a lot. If they follow give incentives, if they dont, may be don’t talk him for some time, any sort of mild reproach nothing harsh, so they do understand mom is not happy with what I do.

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