Friday, April 30, 2010


Regarding parasitic infestation in children, cos they are not common here.
Common infestations in these small kids are pin worm and round worm infestations. Usually comes when something coated with dust particles goes in. I understand it’s difficult to prevent such infestations, few precaution are like this :

1. It’s advisable to wash hands of children esp between 1-3 years at least 5 times a day. (Children of this age will keep on putting hands and everything in mouth, which you can’t prevent every time).

2. Be persistent in washing kid’s hands before eating food and also after passing stool. (I know you do that every time for yourself, but make it also for the kid, so he develops this habit from early age)

3. Always eat fruits and vegetable after proper washing them (Never Never without washing, as it’s the most common source of these worms).

4. Avoid things available in market which are open esp. in India like golgappe, open fruit chat etc.

These are few small things which you must be following; just need is to sustain these habits.

Common symptoms of worms in children are abdominal pain, itching in perianal region.
Regarding regular deworming, as such there are no guidelines; still it’s advisable to get your children dewormed every 6 monthly in age group 1-5 years.

Deworming before the kid turns a year old is strongly not advised, also talk to your doctor before doing it.

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