Friday, April 30, 2010

Less Sleep In Kids

Regarding less sleep, you must understand one thing that sleep patterns are different for different children, some sleep more and some sleep less. I have seen many gifted children, who don’t need more sleep. It’s their nature, their sleep demand is less. But what is important to us is whether your child has any sleep disorder or not. So to differentiate it, we need to see her growth and development. Cos, sleep disorders will cause serious impact on the growth of your child.

Ok, if she is growing otherwise well, and doesn’t seem irritable all the time in the day, probably she is getting enough sleep. I feel it will take some more time for her to get adjusted to sleep pattern, what you expect from her. Till than you need to struggle bit more.....hey, why don’t you try some newer techniques, as you seems to have good interest in child psychology. May be something like making some fancy tent over her bad, or sleeping early, so some soft music while sleeping, it may work. What I feel you should not run for how long she sleep, try to make her relax as much as possible, it will automatically solve the problem.

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