Thursday, July 11, 2013

Taekwondo/Martial - A few parental concerns/myths

Back in US, life of Desi parents revolves around the number of activities the kid are into, when, where, what, how and all that...  Well, not to say, yours truly has fallen into that trap too.. but here are my 2 cents about the martial arts activities.

A lot of my friends when listen to it say... oh we have our handful already, the kid who hits, pushes, screams, do not want him to get more ideas than he already has, especially from the parents of boy kids and I am really really surprised because martial arts drill discipline, focus, etc. in an individual and it is just not something for self-defense or trophied activity..

The first thing they teach out there is manners, good manners... the courtesy words.
Confidence - Believe in yourself, You can do it.. erasing negativity.
Being bold, raising your voice when needed, precision, confidence to speak up, be punctual, be attentive, yearn for more.
Word of the week, working on how to behave at home, learning about discipline, keeping our things in order, listening to parents, getting it right the first time...

I find it very good, not just the karate moves, the championships, the belts but a complete wholesome well-rounded physical, emotional, and personal development activity much needed for kids today.  So, if your only concern is the screaming and running around with punches, just rest it aside and give it a chance.