Thursday, July 4, 2013

Saadu Bottu

Homemade black paste for using on kid's face.. Doctors these days do not recommend using kaajal, kaatuka, etc on infant's faces for the fear of infections.  In good old days ammammalu used to make it and keep it ready for the new baby's arrival but now, neither do we know the procedure nor we actually feel the need to.  Even in the village I could not get someone to make that bottu for me, so I used to the normal Eyetex kaatuka.. apply a small dot with match-stick and apply powder on it :-p...

Procedure 1
Biyyam ni iron mukudu lo nallaga maada petti, daanni fine powder gaa grind cheyyali.
Thin cloth tho fine powder ni separate chesi, malli grind cheyyandi.
Aa powder ni koncham water lo vesi, thick paste la chesi, malli iron mukudu ki vepandi.
Thick paste laaga avutundi.
Transfer it into a cup and let it cool.

Meeru eppudu vaadalante appudu koncham water vesi, bottu ayye varuku aragadeesi, bottu laaga vaadandi. Idi chemicals unna readymade bottulakante chinna pillala skin ki chaala safe. Dont keep it closed when it is wet, as it might let fungus grow and might lead to infections.

Procedure 2
roast sabudana(normal size,not the nylon sago) on a very low flame in an iron kadhai till it turns dark brown.
then,light a matchstick and put it in the sabudana kadha.then once it becomes one mass(in just about a couple of seconds)
pour a little water into it,just enough so that it becomes a thick paste.because the lighted matchstick has been put in,the whole mass will turn coal black, cut sort of dry,so adding water helps to get the mass together.
then,boil till thick and pour into a steel bowl(old one,which you don't use anymore).
let it dry in the sun,it will shrink.

How to use:
put a few drops of water on the surface of the container and rub with your fingers, the black mass will begin to melt.
gather a small size on your finger, and rub it between your fingers to eliminate excess water,then when you gather the mass on your finger,it should be thick and viscous.immediately just put on the baby's forehead.
Once it dries,it turns hard and shiny.It comes off easily too -just rub it with some water when bathing baby.

Procedure 3
Deep fry saggubiyyam in an iron skillet until it turns black.
Once it is black, pour a little water and keep stirring it without forming lumps or layers at the bottom on medium flame.
Stir it until the consistency of saggubiyyam is very thick, when all the sago is melted and the paste is thick, add some castor oil to it, few drops.
After it cools off put it in a container.

When applying just take a little bit of water and take it out with finger and apply on face, forehead, cheeks wherever.

It is important to note that when making this there will be lot of fumes so keep the doors and windows open and if in US, the fire alarm off!

Courtesy: Indus Ladies


  1. Such a beautiful explanation of procedures. In fact the blog is not much properly organized but it its informative, and that is what actually needed. These ancient procedures were dying with the extreme globalization. Sharing such information is not only informative. Knowingly or unknowingly you are doing the best work. Hats-off to you. Keep it up