Monday, February 15, 2010

What is up??

I do see a lot of traffic to this blog and I am at loss to understand if it is of absolute no use or so taken for granted that absolutely no one offers anything new to be added on.

To me, it is like I might as well go personal again and gather my points and keep it just for myself or to the close circle of friends who really need it.

I do get a lot of appreciation for the efforts in person but I am yet to see even a little effort in the direction of value addition!!! Believe me, it is a tough task working, managing a kid, and putting it all over here and some times it does seem like such a waste of effort with so little or next to nothing motivation.

Thanks a ton to those who took time to commend the efforts, it does take a lot to be regular with so little to motivate and for the mom's who do come in with queries, please do post if it has been useful to you as well.


  1. Hi,

    I absolutely love this blog. I am pregnant right now and this blog has helped me a lot to know so much. I will surely contribute to this blog after my delivery..Thanks

  2. Hi sree, your blog is absolutly husband sat together and read about the information about puttu ventrukalu. It was so useful.Hi i am pavani my kid is now 2yrs 2 months.I was so apprehensive about her puttuventrukalu,since kids cry a lot. But i was lucky to see my kid was so calm through out. Anyway my kid is very very naughty she got many times injured mainly while running she get bumped into walls or fall down and result is boppi kattadam. So if people generally say that we need to keep hand on the place where they get hurt and rub lightly it wont be big. I somehow missed doing this and that boppi remained for atleast 3 days or even a what doctors suggest is we need to keep ice on that area. so this is what i learnt from my experience sree.Please continue writing i like this blog and really appreciate the way you are doing it is amazing!!! thumbsup..will post to you soon....byee

  3. Hii Sree...

    This is a great blog..I am not pregnant yet but TTC. I read this blog when ever I have time. Girls like me know absolutely nothing about how to raise the kid.This blog is soo good and well organized that this gives soo much information.

  4. thank you pavani.. am glad it was of help to you... a little comment here and there helps a lot.. in terms of motivation..

  5. @jaya..

    good luck for TTC... and thank you for the comment.

  6. Hi Sree, I came across your blog when i was pregnant and i bookmarked the website and now i am back to your website, my son is 6 months old and i find your blog very interesting and helpful. As i have no help from my mom or my mil, sad to say..i got lot of help from your posts, thank you very much.. Good luck to all the moms out there, Happy parenting !!