Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Post Delivery Diet

I believe that every house has their own customs it is beneficial to take good things from other customs too.

1.Greens are definitely good 'coz it helps you to get back 'lost iron'.
2.Use ghee with caution 'coz post pregnancy weight shoots up just 'coz of this!!!!
3.Take a very light breakfast like a long cup of Oats+Dry fruits+milk. These days you get muesli with dry fruits. I usually cook oats in water and let it cool. Then add milk and grind it to make a milk shake! Works very well. If you are pregnant add a fruit of your choice. Banana, Mango, apple+ honey etc suits very best. My husband has it with coffee decoction . 2 slices of brown bread with milk also works good.
4.Avoid buttermilk, yogurt, cheese, butter for your own good. Go on low fat milk.
5.Avoiding root vegetables (carrot, potatoes, yams etc) keeps you away from carb rich food and hence you keep away from weight gain
5.For first 15-20 days of delivery take congee/Ganji, soups esp those who have undergone normal delivery as it helps you to pass stools easily. Squating is such a painful process or even forcing that feces out of the body
6.Do not snack on oily food. Eat 2 times a day only if possible. All these things not only gets you back in shape but also ensures that your baby is in best of her/his health. You can avoid gripe water for your baby and I can guarantee on that!!
7.Drink warm water. Warm water not helps you to wash away excess fat in body it also has many benefits. Add one or two green tea leaves to reap more benefits.
8.Take lots of rest for 45 days at least. Your spine needs that after it had taken extra load for 9 months.

All the views above are mine and I am not any nutritionist. The above advises are followed as part of family tradition and I could see some scientific reason behind them so followed them for my first one and will do the same after my delivery of my second one.

Courtesy: Lakshmi.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I will be sharing this in my blog too.

  2. Dear Sree, your blog is awesome. Regarding diet, I would like to add one point.

    No strict diet to reduce weight atleast for the first 4 months, where your baby is exclusively under breast feeding.