Monday, February 15, 2010

Water For Infants

Like I always say, every doctor has a different approach and same about use of water.

My kid was a summer baby, both breast and formula-fed. I was told that breast-fed babies get enough water from mom, so no need to give additional water in early days of life.. but when the kid was getting constipated with formula use I was advised to give a little very little say 10 to 15 mL of lukewarm water to aid in easy passage of stool which did help.

So, contact your doctor before you start the kid on water. I went with boiled and cooled water and still go with it. But use of water was very little when solids were not started. Juices, formula, milk whatever I fed was sufficient but once intro to solids start, the need for water begins I guess.

Do not fill the baby's belly with water while eating, maybe a sip or two or a spoon or two in between the mealtime but ensure that the baby drinks enough water later on in the day, say 30 to 60 mL to begin with.

The simple way to know if the baby is hydrated enough is check the color of urine, if the urine is yellow or has a tinge of yellow to it, make sure the eyes are not yellow and if all is well, give more water.. the very slight change in color of urine is an indication that the kid needs a little more water is what my doctor told me.

Feeding with a spoon or a bottle/glass/sipper should be fine.

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