Saturday, July 30, 2011

Strange/New Behaviors

There are times when kids just want to try something new and end up with something or the other and this I can say with my personal experience.  The kid had this habit of pulling out her tongue long right since birth and in fact that is how I saw her the first time, the pink tongue sticking out from a really cute and tiny kid.  It was really really cute at that point, something etched in my memory for ever and ever.. but as time went on whenever she did that I used to ask her not to do it.. it was around 3 months of age that she got back to that habit, sticking the tongue out and then putting it back in and then sticking it out. I really got scared and the crazy me even went to the nearest Nagendraswamy temple and left eggs there to satiate him :).. come to think of it now, it is funny but back it was really NOT.  I was annoyed, irritated seeing her do it again and again, felt she would get used to it and to a novice first-timer parent it was really really scary, I used to say, please nanna, even tried the mild hitting on the tongue with a finger when it came out.  It did work, she did not get it but it was at that age... after a while that habit surfaced again and even that finger strike did not help... this time I got even more panicked but thankfully found the solution pretty soon, IGNORE!!

when the kids do things like
**Sticking the tongue out.
**Pulling their hair.
**making water bubbles through mouth
**putting fingers, at times even whole hand into the mouth.

Gently remind them for a while not to do it, if the frequency increases, just understand they are doing it just to get your attention, so just ignore it and they will get right on their own.

However, with thumb sucking it is a different thing altogether.  If it is something which has started suddenly after 3 months or so, then see if the kid is feeling some insecurity or anxiety, too many changes in lifestyle, just missing you more or any other reason you could figure out, spend some more quality time with the kid, assure that you are there for them through soothing words, etc. and most of the times, they do stop.

Do not make a big issue of it, shout, scold, lose patience at any point, especially with regard to new behaviors.  Be a bit stern in the voice, ignore it and let them know clearly that they will not be having any attention from you for such a thing which is actually not really acceptable and things will be just fine.

But then again, it is my personal experience and not an expert suggestion, try this and hope for the best :).

Also, for things like pulling out your/some one's else's hair, just let them know it is not acceptable through your acts.. maybe even pull her/his hair a bit stronger and let the kid feel the pain, to a lesser degree though.  Tell them that it really hurts you, talk to them and they actually understand that.  I find it useful in 2 ways, teaching them concern for another individual and knowing right from wrong.

Try and let me know if it actually worked for you.. Happy Parenting!

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