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The formal induction of a child to formal studies or traditional entry of the kid into the world of knowledge or gynana. is called Aksharaabhyaasam and ideally the age suggested in the scriptures is 5th year but in this present day and age we get it done in 3rd yr or the alternative odd year so as to get the kid to school at the current accepted age of 3 to 3-1/2 yrs.

Majority of the ceremonies if in India are done at the Basara Saraswati Temple or in the ammavaaru temples in Navaratri days of Dussera, Moola Nakshatram, Saraswati Avataaram day.

I had taken the kid to Nuzuvidu, the closest temple to my current location and the ambiance and the temple was awesome. Free of rush and corruption, peace and devotion are the feelings that engulf you the moment you enter the temple.

Age and Time Performed
Odd years of the child 3 and 5.. any day other than a Tuesday based on Tithi, Vaara, Nakshatra, Raasi of the child without Varjyam.

Things needed:
Palaka Balapam Slate and Slate pencil - preferably stone slate not an iron one.
Kotta Battalu - New dress
Tella Tundu - White Towel
Biyyam 1 to 1-1/2 kg - rice
Pasupu - Turmeric
Tamalapaakulu - betel leaves
Arati Pallu - ripe bananas
Kobbari Kaayalu - Coconuts
Bellam Mukka - jaggery

Taamboolam - A big steel plate
Vidipoolu for Archana
Poola Danda for ammavaaru
9 Slates, chocolates/sweets/gifts for 9 kids or any number of kids you plan to give.

Saraswati Temples in AP
Basara - They also do postal aksharaabhyasam for a fee of 75/-
Nuziveedu - Gyana Saraswati Temple. charge 150/- plus brahmana Dakshina
Vijayawada, near Kaali Maata temple.
Durgamma Temple Vijayawada, Indrakeeladri (they give a kit which is included in the ticket).

PS:  And if you are looking for a silver slate that is used in the pic above, it is available in almost all the readymade silver jewelry shops and comes with a silver slate pencil holder as well but again, this is a one time use as you can't really send the kid with it to the school, not necessarily for fear of stealing it but for the kid's safety aspect.

Me, being the sucker for all things to be stacked away for kid's kids or her grownup year memories certainly voted for this!

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