Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bibs -- The Best Ever Invention

Types of bibs, buttoned, lace to be knotted, velcro...

When feeding started, my problems started...

**like if it is one thing to make her eat something, it is another task altogether to clean up the clothes after eating.
**stains like apple/banana just wont go away.
**If i feed her nude and clean her up and put clothes, okay, it is fine but then whatif she gets used to it :((((... so, it is with full clothing on that I feed the kiddo. I dont run around, but it does take some effort and she grows up there is a need to self-feed, so the problems are intensified.

Bibs are of good use when a kid is drooling. Believe me the drool although just water stinks :(, so it is better to use a bib.

Then comes a stage where the kids start pulling it out, then come the buttoned ones, once they get the hang of pulling them out, then come the laced one to tie the knot.

But once they start attempts at self feeding nothing stops.. i was kind of dreading those cleaning up sessions after feeding.. Yes, I have a maid, but it is tough to clean up for her as well.. so, if the kiddo is learning yanking fast.. momma has the last laugh.. I got plastic, shirt type ones which are sooooooooooooooo very useful and God sent :)... i am like hehahehaaaaa now yank it off :).

The God-send bib with table soft plastic outer lining, spoon holder, etc.

Just put this on like a shirt, clean the face and mouth, wipe the mouth with the cloth napkin behind and once done wipe it up and keep it for next feed and wash it at the end of the day, easy to clean, easy to dry.. if you keep about 3 to 4 such bibs your life will be a lot more easier :). It covers the whole body and so no matter even if the kid drops the entire contents on the body, we have the last laugh :).

the inside of the bib, soft on the skin and kids cant pull it off as it has sleeves and covers the whole body.

It is easy on baby's skin too because of the very soft napkin material on the inside.. absolutely love this invention and yeah the price is affordable too, just 50/- each.

I got them from Besant Road, Vijayawada, in a shop called MONALISA, a fancy shop with a variety of bibs..

If any of you happen to know any other localities, do update in the comments column please.

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