Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gold/Silver Items For Infants/Kids

Other than the vital things mentioned in the other post... there are quite a few things which can be bought/kept ready for the kids for use in the first year of life.

This is exclusively my viewpoint and my collection for the kid which I bought way before the kid was born once I knew it was a girl.

Gold/Silver Items
Uggu Ginne -- this is available in both Gold and Silver but the use is debatable, like if the kid is being fussy the sharp edge might injure the soft flesh in the mouth, so the use is very limited to say use of gripe water or some medicine or something, so no point wasting the gold unless there is one already in the family from generations.
Kakkula Ungaram -- A ring which looks like a coil, usually made of silver, supposedly to reduce vomitings in an infant.. just a belief. We can go for a gold one in this since this is expandable and can use for a long time than normal baby rings.
Silver Powder Box and Puff -- There are a wide variety of them available in the market in silver, I took one as I wanted that to be keepsakes for the kiddo throughout her life :)...
Silver Soap Box -- Same logic as above, keepsake for the kiddo.

powder box, puff, and soapbox

Once they start with foods
Silver bowl small size for biscuits/cookies/fruit pulp etc.
Silver bowl a little bigger size for rice.
Silver glass -- again 2 different sizes a very small one for water and a normal size one for milk when they start off with the glass.
Silver spoon -- baby size or 0 size available in stores.
Silver fork (be careful with its use, do not ever let the kids use it, only for you to feed) -- baby size or 0 size available.
Silver plate -- when they start off with table foods.

uggu ginne for gripewater and complete feeding set for about a year

Actually, the whole set is available in one theme like mickey or pooh in silver design, so we can pick it up which will be useful for a really long time.

If we can afford, it is better we go with them rather than plastic since I am a strict green parenting supporter and also eating in silver bowls has some medicinal traditional value.

Common for both boys and girls
Gold Chain -- This can be used for a really long time, so the design can be chosen with care but if we want to put that always on the kid, then go for a very lightweight short length one for daily use.
Anjaneya Swamy Locket -- This is supposed to be good for kids, bhayam lekunda undataaniki antaaru.. I got a silver one and tied it to her swing.. after 6 months I tied it to her neck with a black thread.
Finger Rings -- Just one or two at the max because they easily outgrow them, so it is better to rotate them among the kids in the family rather than buying them all the time.. waste of money is what i personally feel because they tend to scratch all over with them.
Gold/Silver Molataadu -- Gold one can be used as a chain later on, but considering the danger of letting the kid roam around with so much of gold, I personally preferred a silver one or black molataadu instead.
Bangles/Murugulu -- Murugulu are thin bangle like ornaments which are usually left on the kid's body and they are usually cut once the kid outgrows rather than removing, so it is kind of daily-wear item. Again, I would say the lighter the better. We get expandable bangles again which are good rather than going for changing frequently.

expandable bangle, ring, and black-bead bracelet/anklet

Girl Baby Specific
Patteelu/Anklets -- we get soft anklets or round anklets for infants, 0 size.. but ideally use them only after 4 to 5 months of age. But we get black beads chains which can be used as anklets which are soft on the skin. (nalla poosala patteelu/bracelets) I actually got them for bracelets but they looked really good as anklets, so kept them as is.

Vanki and Vaddanam -- This is totally hi-fi and depends on whether you want to invest in it so early as a newborn or wait till the kid walks at least.
Lightweight Earrings -- For the time of ear piercing.

The jewelry items can be bought from any gold showroom or can get them done by order by a goldsmith. I personally prefer very lightweight stuff for daily wear because they outgrow them soon and a lot of money lost in exchanging. So, unless you have someone to pass it on to, just stick to bare basics initially is my funda.

Silver items can be found in any silver store, these should be a little heavy and strong because we tend to use them more and if they are delicate they would dent easily, so press it hard with 2 fingers and if not denting then go for it is my rule of thumb.

I got the soap box, powder box, etc. from KalaNiketan, Vijayawada and puff from CMR Vijayawada.

The black beads is actually a bracelet which again, I got from KalaNiketan, Vja.

Pricing does vary with fluctuating gold/silver prices.


  1. Hi sree, Very very informative blog. A small request, it would be nice if you could include where you got the baby items from and for how much. I have an 8 month old but i havent even seen the black bead anklets or shirt bibs or the powder/soap box..Pls include the shop you get them and the price, would be useful for moms like me...


  2. Thanks a lot Sree for such a prompt update. Nijanga chaala thanks...nenu velli kalaniketan lo choostaanu...asalu naaku CMR kalaniketan stores lo baby items choodochu ani idea ne ledu...once again thanks..


  3. nice info sree.I really liked the idea of powder and soap boxes as keepsakes.

  4. thanks Anon, I was kind of looked at as mad when I got them for the baby by my family.. you know those crude jokes a silver potty types :(.. but now each kid in the family has one :) and they thank me for such unique gift idea.

  5. Sravanthi (Jr) TIAFebruary 3, 2010 at 5:24 PM

    nice blog sree... got to appreciate your patience in updating them... i was preparing shopping list so that i can give it to mom before she leaves India... i found lots and lots of useful info... thank you for your effort!

  6. Hello Sree,
    You have got such an informative blog, i just cnt say you in words. I was actually looking for Kakkula Ungaram. I could not find it anywhere but here. Can you please let me know where in Bangalore i can find them. I badly need it for my daughter who is 11 months old and vomits for no reason. I have heard we get kakkula ungaram in silver too. Any idea on the pricing? Please help me. You can also reply me on dhanalaxmi@gmail.com. Thank you so much for your help in advance. Thanks Dhanu

  7. Hi Sree
    I'm reading this from San Diego & found it very informative - I'm actually a new grandmom & had forgotten what we had done for my kids. My only problem is - where do I source these things from. It would be great for Andhras living abroad to find a reliable store. Esp countries like USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa & New Zealand. All the same thanks heaps.

  8. nice info sree...i never heard of kakkula ungaram...can u post the pic of kakkula ungaram if possible???

  9. @nirupama, photolo baby fingerki unde kakkula ungaram adi usually vendilo pedataaru.

  10. non sensical blog....whats the need to blog about this??...everybody knows...you posted this to show off...sick attitude

  11. Hmmmm... well, when in an open forum we need to take bouquets and brickbat,Subhashini.. when i was on the look out for baby stuff, i used to check out for models and I see a lot of people doing the same, for some it would be display and some info.. to each his own...

  12. Great pics.

    Without your permission, but with attribution, I copy-pasted one of the pics in my today's blog:



    G. P. Sastry

  13. Great pics these!

    Without your permission, but with attribution, I just now copy-pasted one of these pics in my today's blog:



    G. P. Sastry (Retired Professor, IIT Kharagpur).